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Hilary S.

A wonderful experience 

I recently had a distance reiki session with Jess. In advance of the session, she was kind enough to help me under how distance reiki differs from an in-person session and what I could expect during our time together. The session itself was very peaceful; I even got chills at a few different points. Immediately following the session, Jess reached out and helped me understand what chakras needed the most attention.  This follow-up detail was so helpful and insightful! 

I would highly recommend Jessica to any friend interested in reiki. She was very thorough, willing to answer questions, and even offered some great visualization techniques! My goal was to leave feeling more in balance, and that goal was certainly accomplished! Big thank you to Jess for a great session! 

Khadijah G.

You know how you have those days when you feel like you’re blowing in the wind and not quite sure how to find your center again. In such moments I reach out to Jess for one of her majestic card readings. They have become a stabilizing factor on my adventure of self-transformation. Jess’ calm yet enthusiastic demeanor gives me the feeling that I am safe and held. Her profoundly accurate insight reassures me that I am on the right path. The length is perfect so that I can listen as often as I like for encouragement and wisdom. Thanks again, Jess, for sharing your amazing gifts!

Ashley I.

Jessica's zest and exuberance for the energetic realm is a breath of fresh air. Her intuitive reading of my birth chart resonated with me in so many ways and helped me to understand aspects of my life in a new and different way. She is educational, informative and intuitive in her deliverance Her knowledge and enthusiasm is infectious. I highly recommend working with her!

Danielle Z.

I received a Soul Reading from Jessica and was blown away! This reading was the most excellent reading I have ever had. Jessica did an awesome job with all areas including the akashic records, body systems review, soul path and any and all questions I had. She is truly intuitive and connected to the spiritual realm along with our higher selves. Her reading was affirming and healing in so many ways. I feel more connected to my soul purpose and the direction I'm meant to take. I now have a better understanding of how to move forward. Jessica is an amazing and gifted soul who can truly help you unlock your highest potential. I'm so grateful for Jessica and the work that she does. I highly recommend her services to anyone seeking alignment with their divine path.  

Meredith B.

My soul reading with Jess was both enlightening and empowering. She delivers your beautiful message with loving, joyful energy. I learned important information about my health, guides and soul purpose. I am forever grateful for her dedication  to growing her gifts and sharing them with us all!

Ashley F. 

Jessica offered amazing guidance with a caring heart. 
She affirmed things I felt in my soul and gave me confidence and insight on how to walk boldly into my next big steps!
She backed the reading with Astrology knowledge which helped me feel grounded and well informed. 
I left feeling uplifted and excited for my path forward towards my purpose!
Thank you Jessica! 

Anna M.

Jessica's body scan reading on me was scary accurate. She was able to pinpoint things that were going on with me that I haven't shared with anyone. She offered so much insight into ways to deal with my health issue and it helped me resolve it after struggling with it for months. I had gotten to a point where I just accepted that this was something I'd struggle with, and she helped me get out of that helplessness and try again. I'm so grateful for her reading and her incredibly attuned gift.

Julia N.

Jessica is such a gifted reader and I feel so grateful for getting to experience a reading with her. It came at the perfect time. All the guidance she received was spot on and she was able to connect to the exact information I needed to navigate a difficult time I am going through. She combines energy reading with shamanic wisdom and adds her own personal magic to create a truly unique reading experience. After her reading I felt like I understood the gift in the situation I was going through, could find peace in it and see my path forward with clarity. Jessica is the real deal - run don’t walk in getting a reading with her! 

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