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Soul Reading


A one hour intuitive reading in which I connect with your soul on a spiritual level. Prior to our reading, I will perform a meditation in which I connect to your energetic field and read your chakras, which I see as a snapshot of your energy at this time specifically and in this lifetime/physical body. I also access your Akashic records which is an energetic library containing a record of all of the details of your soul and it’s journey. It gives me access to a much higher perspective of your soul which spans across all your lifetimes and dimensions. While there, I am only shown  information that you are ready to receive at this time. This offering may also include intuitive energetic healings if applicable. When booking, please include up to 3 questions or areas you would like the reading to address. 


Advanced Natal Chart Reading + Energy Healing


60 Minute Recorded Reading + 15 Minute Energy Healing 

A natal chart is a snapshot of the sky at the exact date, time and location of your birth. It’s a cosmic blueprint of your life. Book this reading to understand your unique planetary placements and to receive clarity into your life path, purpose and true soul’s desire.

This service includes a recorded natal chart reading with an in-depth look at your soul's purpose, past-life information, and starseed markings as well as a 15 minute energetic healing based on your specific astrological aspects and placements  You will receive your recorded reading within 3 weeks of booking.

Email to book and please include your exact time, date and location of birth.

Astrology Map

Fertility Astrology Reading


A one hour fertility astrology reading going over the unique fertility signatures in your chart as well as your partner’s chart. During the reading we will go over your most fertile times to try for conception (whether natural or assisted) for the next 2 years. 
Note: I will need both partners birth date, exact time and location to accurately calculate your most fertile times. 


Reiki and Intuitive Guidance


50 Minute In-Person Reiki Session with 10 minute Debrief Session 

Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing technique for stress reduction, relaxation and healing. Experience direct hands on healing in this session. Through a one on one reiki session we can address everything from physical pain, to past life trauma, and emotional healing. 

Email to book. 

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Reiki Treatment

Distance Reiki and Intuitive Guidance


30 Minute Distance Reiki Session plus 10 minute debrief session

Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing technique useful for stress relief, relaxation and healing. Energy is Energy. It’s very effective whether through direct hands on healing or sent via a distance healing. Book this session to experience the healing power of Reiki from anywhere in the world. You are welcome to relax and listen to meditation music during the session. It will be sent via distance with a phone debrief session immediately to follow. 

Please email to book. 

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